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First Sight of Il Vecchio Cantinone

In May 2001, while we were on holiday in Cannara, Umbria, we took a day or two out of our vacation to go house hunting. We had first found Il Vecchio Cantinone on a web site specialising in properties in Le Marche. 

This is the first picture we took of the Cantinone. It looks very much like the picture we first saw on the internet, when we were searching for a property in Italy. We had contacted Paradise Possible, who introduced us to the Marche countryside, and helped us in every stage of selection and buying the Cantinone.

You might just be able to see Grazia standing in front of the house. She showed us over the house on that first visit, we later found out that as well as giving us the viewing, Grazia and her husband Sandro were to become good friends.

The rear of the house was basically a ruin with crumbling walls, no roof, no floor between the basement and the upper floors. This shows the upper level, with the basement full of rubble and vegetation.

The good news however was the wine vats were intact, and they are running along the wall to the right of this picture, accessed from the basement level.

The lower part of the house has two huge 'cantinas' or wine storage and manufacturing rooms. This is the cantina on the east end of the main part of the house.

The wine vats can just be seen through the gate on the left.

The street access to this cantina is on the right.

On our first visit the property was already hugely overgrown with 4 or 5 years of accumulated growth. Fig trees had become very well established beside the kitchen terrace, which in May and July had a lot of figs.

This we noted was the sunny side of the house first thing in the morning. After visiting 6 other properties, we returned to Il Vecchio Cantinone at around 6:00 pm to see where the sun was setting.

The news was good, although situated in a valley, the house sits along a SE-NW aspect and had full sun between 6:00pm and 7:00pm in May, into the west part of the property.