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12th November 2005


 This is a picture book for our stays in the Cantinone during 2005.  It is in reverse order, from our first visit in February. The earlier photos in 2003 and 2004 can be seen in the 'Construction' folder.

6th - 15th October


Landscaping and terrassing behind the retaining wall.



This visit was to see how the landscaping is progressing, and to have John and Judy (Ian's cousins) come to visit, and also so that we could drive the Landrover back to London again, since all our vehicles are now out in Italy.


29th September

Ian went back for a quick visit to see how the building works were progressing, and to arrange for Alessandro (a neighbour down the valley) to bring in some earthmoving equipment to do a little 'gardening' for us!

We need all the scrub removed, and some piles of building rubble. We would also like to have a drive on from the access road at the top of the property. Next visit we will meet with our nearest neighbour to see if we can have access over a little part of his 'white road'.

3rd - 15th September

The pizza oven is commissioned.

Ian retired from the Bank August 12th, and in late August we headed off to Italy, via an 8 day holiday in France, in Ian's new toy - a Fiat Barchetta!

So a 3 week driving holiday in a two-seater convertible with a boot the size of a large bread bin?But that didn't stop Jane from shopping at large in France's Depots - the equivalent of a second hand bargain basement.

In Italy we were met by Michelle and Gary and 3 friends, who had a brilliant idea to light the Bread Oven and make pizzas.

July 2005


At the end of July Ian made a trip over to the Cantinone to check on the progress of the pool installation, and to pay a few bills.

The pool area has been prepared during our absence, but first an access road and a retaining wall had to be built.

The pool area is prepared for the installation, and the retaining wall is installed.

07th - 15th May


Family and Friends in Jesi 

May 2005 was a time of celebration!

On the 8th Ian had his 60th Birthday, and on the 12th it was Jane's 50th. That had to be marked by a huge family and friends celebration. We were very honoured that Leigh and Horst (Jane's sister and brother-in -law) travelled with 4 more of our friends over from New Zealand and Australia to spend the week with us.

The party was held at Orietta's in Cupramontana, a festival of food and drink, with 21 of our friends and family in attendance, representing 11 countries!

 Easter 2005


 For the Easter trip this year we drove back in the new, long-wheelbase landrover. We had just exchanged the landrover 90 short wheelbase for a 110.

We packed up the Landrover with as much as we could fit into it, departed London after a day's work in the office, and made the journey across the channel the same evening. We had just one overnight stop an hour south of Calais, driving the rest of the way to Cupramontana in 17 hours the following day.

It was far to far to travel in one day, and will not be repeated.

Laden Landrover 110 arrives at the Cantinone.

8th February 2005



Snow-covered Cantinone for our first visit in 2005.
Our first visit to Italy for the year, February 2005. 

The start of an exciting year as this is the year we plan to retire to Italy to live there permanently. Cupramontana had nearly 2 metres of snow, but we were lucky, and only got 80cms in the valley, just 2 kms away.